Writing strategy

I’m an expert consultant for clients who need content strategy or writing planning, around the world and closer to home in Sandton, South Africa. We might focus on specific items, like newsletters, blog posts and thought leadership, or work across the board, from internal comms to social media.

My consulting service usually begins with brand voice, message map and brand narrative.

Brand voice development

Defining a brand’s voice is critical to managing how it is presented and perceived. My process delivers a set of guidelines to direct, define and sense-check how your brand sounds when it writes and speaks. 

Message mapping

I’ll fit your brand’s messages onto a page of info nuggets that are perfectly sized for the human brain. These include customer segments, functional and emotional messages, purpose, promise, positioning, proposition and proof points.

Brand narrative creation

A brand narrative is a compact story that serves as the starting point for all of your marketing and communications. It underpins every other application of brand, from messaging strategy to customer service.

As far as I know, no else in the industry currently does this. So if you feel that your brand could be working harder for your business, let’s chat.

Free advice

As a rule, you probably shouldn’t trust free advice. Except for this.

got 'impostor syndrome'?

Here are the slides I use in my live webinar, “Un-Installing Impostor Syndrome”, which covers 11 ways to eliminate your ‘fraudy feelings’...
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Best. Freebie. Ever.

Get my exclusive webinar recording on ‘Putting your network to work’, AKA leveraging social media to promote your specialist brand.
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A career In Business Writing

Here’s what you need to know if you want to be a professional copywriter (specifically, one who makes a really good living.)
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You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.