I’m Tiffany Markman. I’m an expert in writing. Writing that tells, writing that sells, writing that skills and writing that matters. Every day I try to be a better writer than I was the day before. Some even say I’m the best copywriter in the world. 

Truthfully, if you go by award wins in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023, I could be the best copywriter in Southern Africa.

I apply my knowledge, expertise and 20 years of experience in three areas:

I offer copywriting services for different platforms, people and purposes, as a consultant or as part of your team.

Website copy

You can’t throw words onto a screen (or get AI to hallucinate some for you) and expect your website to deliver. Web copy needs strategy, structure, personality, an understanding of user behaviour, SEO… and style!

Emailers, sales letters, banner ads, conversion copy for paid campaigns – each of these types of digital media has its own parameters, requirements and idiosyncrasies. And best practice is constantly evolving.

Never write marketing collateral yourself – or get your cousin’s clever daughter to write it for you. You’re too close and your cousin’s daughter has no idea what your prospects need to consider you credible.

Here’s the thing: It’s harder to create a powerful 30-second radio commercial than a brilliant 900-word thought leadership article. And corporate videos live or die based on the script. So please don’t skimp.

I help you to think about, plan and structure content and messages for clarity, consistency and conversion.

Message mapping

I’ll fit your brand’s messages onto a page of info nuggets that are perfectly sized for the human brain. These include customer segments, functional and emotional messages, purpose, promise, positioning, proposition and proof points.

Defining a brand’s voice is critical to managing how it is presented and perceived. My process delivers a set of guidelines to direct, define and sense-check how your brand sounds when it writes and speaks.

A brand narrative is a compact story that serves as the starting point for all of your marketing and communications. It underpins every other application of brand, from messaging strategy to customer service.

Working backwards from your business objectives and marketing goals, I help you to create large or small plans for conceptualising, delivering and sharing useful, usable content with your target audiences.

I offer writing training that teaches the techniques, tools and tactics behind better business writing.

Business email writing

Available as a talk, seminar, workshop or programme, this business writing training course covers the latest rules of email writing, so you can use the right wording, formality, phrasing, structure, tact, diplomacy, subject lines, greetings and sign-offs.

Available as a talk, seminar, workshop or programme, this social media training demonstrates how to spend the least amount of time, effort and energy on social media platforms, while deriving the most benefits.

Available as a seminar, workshop or programme, this website copywriting training course unpacks modern search, equipping you with the best practices to harness the great power of website marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO).

More about Tiffany

Tiffany Markman writes about businesses, teaches writing to the teams inside businesses, speaks at business events, and consults to businesses on their communication, content, messaging and brand voice. As a freelance copywriter she believes that creating or finding the best possible words is everyone’s business. 

  • Africa’s Copywriter of the Year (Corporate & Commercial) 2023

     – The Academy of Copy Creators

  • Most Effective Copywriter in Southern Africa 2022

    – MEA Excellence Awards

  • One of the Top 50 Female Content Marketers in the World 2021

    – ContentBot AI

  • South Africa’s Freelance Copywriter of the Year 2020

    – Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards

“Tiffany Markman loves sharp pencils with erasers on the end and starting sentences with And and But.” — Terri Brown, Behavioural Strategist

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