I write copy and content exactly like a human, because I am one.

Focused on copy for online and digital elements, I’m very aware of the need for engagement, conversion and ROI. I ask a lot of questions, to uncover readers’ problems or challenges, before writing anything.

Let’s say you need copy, content or direction, but you could also benefit from honest, easy-to-follow advice from someone who’s been doing this for almost 20 years.

You want your copywriting work done right, on deadline and within budget. And you need all the latest best practices identified and adhered to.

Or maybe you’ve had mediocre copy before and it’s time to turn to a professional writer you can rely on, to deliver a specific tone, style or brand voice.

Website copy

You can’t throw words onto a screen (or get AI to hallucinate some for you) and expect your website to deliver. Web copy needs strategy, structure, personality, an understanding of user behaviour, SEO… and style!

Digital copy

Emailers, sales letters, banner ads, conversion copy for paid campaigns – each of these types of digital media has its own parameters, requirements and idiosyncrasies. And best practice is constantly evolving. 

Company profiles & articles

Never write marketing collateral yourself – or get your cousin’s clever daughter to write it for you. You’re too close and your cousin’s daughter has no idea what your prospects need to consider you credible.

Radio & video scripts

Here’s the thing: It’s harder to create a powerful 30-second radio commercial than a brilliant 900-word thought leadership article. And corporate videos live or die based on the script. So please don’t skimp.

Free advice

As a rule, you probably shouldn’t trust free advice. Except for this.

got 'impostor syndrome'?

Here are the slides I use in my live webinar, “Un-Installing Impostor Syndrome”, which covers 11 ways to eliminate your ‘fraudy feelings’...
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What's Organic SEO?

Here’s how to write for organic, intent-based and most of all, user-orientated search engine optimisation.
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Best. Freebie. Ever.

Get my exclusive webinar recording on ‘Putting your network to work’, AKA leveraging social media to promote your specialist brand.
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A career In Business Writing

Here’s what you need to know if you want to be a professional copywriter (specifically, one who makes a really good living.)
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You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.

You’re one email address away from this free download.