Why freelancing really is so fantastic

I recently stumbled across a blog post by Laura Spencer, a freelance writer from North Central Texas. In it, she speaks about why she utterly refuses to give up on freelancing – inspiring me to nod my head so vigorously and so often that I’ve linked to her piece below. But first, here’s a taste:

“Freelancing is hard. Not only do you have to face feast and famine cycle, do everything yourself, struggle to maintain a good work/life balance, and have a plan in place for emergencies–you might have to deal with difficult people. Whew! Is it any wonder that some freelancers fail? We’ve already explained why freelancing may not be for everybody. I’ll never give up on freelancing, though, for reasons that are personal, professional, and people-related…”

To read the rest of this fantastic article on freelancing, and the benefits, click here to be re-directed to FreelanceFolder.com.