Language question: practise or practice?

I’ve got a language question.

I have a language question, Tiffany.

In short, I would appreciate it if you could settle a dispute I am having with my colleagues, over the use of ‘practice’ as a noun and ‘practise’ as a verb.

To give you two examples: “With maintaining a routine of daily practice…” and: “ I would recommend regular practice…”

I am saying that both of these are correct, because ‘practice’ is a noun. However, my colleagues do not agree, saying it should be ‘practise’. This is something that should be done, and is therefore a verb. Which is the correct form?

– Frustrated

Let me at that language question!

Dear Frustrated,

You are 100 percent right. In South African usage, when the verb ‘to practise’ takes the verb form, as in, “If Johnny practises daily…”, use an ’s’. The ‘c’ version only appears in the noun form. The meaning of the word is completely irrelevant. You can read more here.

– Tiffany

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