* I spoke at Eskom‘s annual stakeholder conference in October 2009, on the topic of ‘Powerful Business Writing’. The audience, despite the prevailing national climate at the time, must have loved it, because they clapped and cheered. Here’s hoping that, somehow, their new comms skills stand them in good stead for whatever might be coming. They’re good people.

* In September I’ll be a guest speaker at the Management Skills for Executive Secretaries / PAs Workshop, hosted by Bessie Global Management Practice. My topics, addressed over two separate sessions, will be Business Writing and Minute-Taking – and my colleague, Daniel, will be speaking on Presentation Skills.

* I’ll be speaking at the 2nd annual Johannesburg Freelancers’ UnConference this Saturday (25 July 2009), hosted by Flying Solo and Sputnik Creative Spaces, on the topic: ‘The Recession Discount & Other Fairytales’. Hope to see you there (it’s free for members of FS, and membership of FS is free – how divine?)

* I was a speaker at FrontFoot‘s Secretaries’ event (How To Maximise Your Efficacy as an Executive Secretary), on Wednesday 6 May at Randburg’s Benvenuto Conference Centre. My topic? Master your Business Writing Skills.

* I was a speaker at FrontFoot‘s hugely successful Executive Secretaries Conference, held at the Southern Sun Grayston on 24, 25 and 26 February 2009 – where I addressed some of South Africa’s top personal assistants on one of my all-time favourite topics: Business Writing. What a great day, and what a superb selection of smart women…


I’ve recently created speeches, seminars or presentations for some truly exciting events, functions, conferences and organisations. Have a look at the list below and e-mail for more info, or visit my Training Feedback page to find out what they thought:

* Exxaro – March / April 2009: ‘Writing and Editing for Corporate Newsletters’

* Promusica Theatre – March 2009: ‘The Power of the Proposal’

* PMSA / Profmed – February 2009: ‘Strategic Business Writing’

* GCIS – February 2009: ‘Grammar Survival Guide’

* Now Media – January 2009: ‘Creating Killer B2B Ads’

* Supergroup – November 2008: ‘Better Business Writing’

* TEBA Development Ltd – November 2008: ‘The Power of the Proposal’

* PMSA / Profmed – October 2008: ‘Strategic Business Writing’

* The Wisdom Keys Group – October 2008: ‘Powerful Business Writing’

* Front Foot – September 2008: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* The Flying Solo Unconference – September 2008

* Indep. Schools Marketing Assoc. (ISMA) – Sept 2008: ‘Superb School Newsletters’

* Front Foot – August 2008: ‘The Power of the Proposal’

* Gordon Verhoef & Krause – August 2008: ‘Powerful Business Writing’

* Front Foot – August 2008: ‘Producing Knockout Newsletters’

* Front Foot – July 2008: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* Actuate – June 2008: ‘Focus Day Writing Workshop: Power and Strength’

* MacDonald & Co – May 2008: ‘Below-the-Line Copywriting’

* Front Foot – April 2008: ‘Producing Knockout Newsletters’

* Penguin Books SA – April 2008: ‘Business Writing and Business Grammar’

* Fox Strategic Communications – April 2008: ‘The Skulk’s Editorial Survival Kit’

* CC Africa – April 2008: ‘Hold Your Breath’ (E-mails that are Clean, Clear and Compelling)

* Penguin Books SA – April 2008: ‘Copywriting & Editing with Power and Strength’

* Citizen – March 2008: ‘Advanced Business Writing in 8 Easy Steps’

* Front Foot – March 2008: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* Peregrine – March 2008: ‘A Survival Kit for Writing for Print & Web’

* Hot Tables / Women in Finance – March 2008: ‘Business Writing’

* St Mary’s School – February 2008: ‘Writing with Power in 8 Easy Steps’

* GCIS – February 2008: ‘Language Editing for Print and Web’

* Front Foot – January 2008: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* Front Foot – December 2007: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* Exxaro – November 2007: ‘The Grammar Survival Kit’

* CC Africa – Direct Indaba – October 2007: ‘Writing with Power & Creating Killer E-mails’

* Front Foot – October 2007: ‘Strategic Writing: 8 steps to effective business writing’

* IABC Africa – 14th Annual Conf – Oct 2007: ‘Writing Superbly for Electronic Channels’

* Zorgvliet Portfolio / MV Communications – September 2007: ‘Corporate Copywriting’

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As last year’s ‘Best Speaker of 2006’, I was again asked to address the local and international delegates at the IABC Africa Annual Conference of 2007, which was held at the Birchwood Executive Hotel in Boksburg on 9 and 10 October 2007.

The full version of my seminar will soon be available for free download. It’s one of a suite of 12 different workshops and talks I present on grammar, writing, editing, freelancing, web copy, proposals, correspondence, and corporate communication. Here’s what some of the conference delegates had to say about my presentation:

* “I enjoyed your presentation which was fun, feisty and informative. ‘ – Penelope Horwood, KWV Limited

* “Thanks for the great tip and all the other nuggets that you shared with us at the conference. I am looking forward to the grammar workshop next month.‿ – Shamiela Letsoalo, Exxaro

* “You were my favorite speaker.‿ – Suzan Kgaladi, Russell & Associates


On Monday 20 August 2007, I addressed 15 of Sappi’s internal editors on ‘Five Easy Ways to Become a Better Corporate Editor’, focusing on cutting-edge writing and editing skills. It was a hit! E-mail if you’d like a copy of my presentation.


I recently had the privilege of being asked to address 72 delegates at the IABC Africa 13th Annual Conference, held at Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind, from 9-11 October 2006. The theme was ‘Communication through the ages and beyond’ and my seminar uncovered ‘5 Easy Ways to Write Brilliantly in the Workplace’.

Here’s some of the great feedback I received from conference delegates:

* “Thanks again for your practical, down-to-earth session – so many communicators commented on how valuable it was to get back to basics!”

* “…thank you for an excellent presentation at the IABC conference. For me, it was probably the most relevant and interesting of all the presentations.”

* “Your presentation was extremely well received and we have had some very positive feedback.”

The full version of my seminar is available below for free download. It’s one of a suite of seven different workshops and talks I present on business grammar, writing, editing, web copy, proposals, correspondence, novel-writing and corporate communication.

If you’d like me to address your employees or colleagues on one or several of these topics, a mix of any of the above or a related topic, just send an e-mail to – and we can work out a customised programme specially for you.

IABC October 2006 TUSCS Presentation Download