A ‘perfect’ mom? Not me. I’m just a ‘good’ mom. (13/06/2013)

If we’re being honest…

I’m an imperfect mom. How do I know this? Well, I’ve never:

  1. Given sweets and a self-effacing note to fellow plane travellers in case my kid screams all the way to our destination
  2. Sent her to school with a note in her lunchbox or a sandwich cut in the shape of the Gruffalo, complete with prickles
  3. Made a birthday cake by hand, myself, complete with little fondant replicas of all of the characters in Toy Story (1, 2 and 3)
  4. Consumed (all or some of) my placenta, in any form whatsoever
  5. Used a re-usable nappy
  6. Encouraged co-sleeping
  7. Remembered to label every single item of playschool clothing, as instructed by the teacher, despite sending my daughter to school in exactly the same pink Crocs as every single little girl in her class
  8. Managed to wean her off her manky, flea-bitten series of beloved dummies

Whew! That feels so good. I feel lighter somehow.

Originally published on www.zaparents.com