You know you’re a small business owner when ….

You know you’re a small business owner when…

  1. Losing an unsaved (or insufficiently saved) document can rapidly ready you for a nice padded cell in a home for the criminally insane. You almost always swear. You sometimes cry.
  2. You were once able to go to a fancy dress party as a zebra, because you tried to use those awful refillable toner cartridges – you know, the evil #fongkong ones that come with the syringe?
  3. Your daily mood is 100% proportional to the strength and reliability of your internet connection (and, these days, whether you have running water and/or electricity that day).
  4. You’ve seriously considered a) branding your car or b) erecting a massive billboard along the perimeter wall of your house.
  5. You are paranoid about being breathed on by other people.
  6. You are the only person in your social circle who despises public holidays. Same workload; fewer days to do it in.
  7. December is both wonderful and terrible. Yes, it’s holiday time, but you (usually) don’t get a 13th cheque. And everyone else in your life does. Including your own staff.
  8. You screech towards said December like Wile E Coyote about to tumble off the cliff – no slowing, no braking – and you inevitably get a head cold on the first or second day of your break.
  9. You keep a notepad and pen next to the bed, so that when you wake in a cold sweat at 4am you can list all of the urgent and important things you have to remember to do the next day.
  10. You’ve worked, with remarkable efficiency, at swimming galas, doctor’s offices, the licensing department, and in your car. I once even sat cross-legged in my own boot (trunk), in the parking lot of a hospital.

I’ve scored 10 out of a possible 10. Fabulous. Now you give it a try.

How do YOU know you’re a small business owner? Let me know.