Writing Training Courses

Business writing training

Writing Training Courses

Sometimes it makes more sense to do something yourself, than to pay someone else to do it. What’s important to remember is that good writing can earn more for you, your company or your clients than any other skill you have – so you should make sure you’re as good as you can possibly be.

If you’re considering up-skilling yourself or your team, a writing training course is the answer. Improve your communication and business skills with short copywriting, editing, grammar or freelancing training courses – while asking Tiffany all the language questions you’ve ever had.

Grammar, editing & proofing training

Whether you’re new to the field of editing or have an advanced knowledge of the editorial process, Tiffany has an editing training course to meet your needs. All courses are aimed at enabling you to produce quicker, more accurate, more sensitive copy editing.

  • Intro to Editing & Proof-Reading Training
  • Advanced Copy Editing Training
  • Grammar Training for Business & Media
  • Grammar for 2nd Language English Speakers

The business writing training courses

If you work in the corporate or public sector, you should consider one of these:

  • Business Writing Training
  • Newsletter Writing Training
  • General Report Writing Training
  • Compliance Report Writing Training
  • PowerPoint Writing Training
  • Minute Writing Training
  • Intranet Writing Training
  • Apology Writing & Customer Service Training
  • How to be a Freelancer Training

Assorted copywriting training courses

If you’re into copywriting – for digital or for print – then you could consider:

  • Print Copywriting Training
  • Intro to Web (SEO) Copywriting Training
  • BTL Copywriting Training
  • B2B Copywriting Training
  • Mailer Copywriting Training
  • Social Media Copywriting Training
  • Digital (Short Form) Copywriting Training
  • PowerPoint Copywriting Training

Those listed above are the standard training courses. Tiffany can also combine, create or customise a training course for you, based on the writing needs of your organisation, with training material that contains relevant and industry-specific examples and exercises. Or you can sign up for Tiffany’s online private coaching programme.

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