Why consider writing training? Because if your company’s content is high-quality, clean, and compelling, it earns more money for you. But to make your writing as good as it can be, you need your instincts confirmed. Equally, you need your bad habits eliminated and your best practices updated.

For many, a one-day writing training course is the answer. Others prefer lectures, seminars or master classes instead. I’m Tiffany Markman and I offer all types of writing training. In brief, these include presentations, workshops and programmes on business writing, email writing, social media, and custom topics.


Let’s say you and a group of colleagues need a custom writing training course. I can come to your premises and run it for you. Before the training day itself, I’ll also analyse a set of your writing samples. In detail. This way, you get tailored training material that’s specifically based on what your people produce.

Writing Training Topics:

Business writing

(i.e. email, documents, apologies, and the all-important corporate style)

Email writing

(including etiquette, best practice, tact, and – obviously – writing technique)

Customer service

(in brief: apologies, sympathy, conflict, and optimal sensitivity)

Report writing

(e.g. IT, compliance, analysis, proposals, and Board packs)

Social media writing

(for instance, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, and Youtube)

Blog posts & newsletters

(specifically for internal comms, external comms, or a combination)

Editing and proof-reading

(an introduction to polishing your own and others’ writing)

Grammar refresher

(important updates for 2nd language English speakers and other delegates)

Website copywriting

(for search engine optimisation and, above all, organic SEO)

Digital copywriting

(specifically short-form copy, for banners, ads, and takeovers)

Writing for PR

(to the media or public on behalf of clients, or for your company’s intranet)

Freelance self-promotion

(how to market yourself as a creative and, particularly, as a business owner)

Need a Custom Lecture?

So you’re hosting an event? Watch this video, see me in action, and get a sense of what me and my material are all about.

Need an Event Presenter?

You need me. Because I speak at local and global conferences, and give keynotes at exhibitions, seminars, and other events.

Private Writing Training

Looking for private (online) writing training, via distance or correspondence e-learning? Maybe I can help. Let’s chat.

3 Types of Writing Training

I have 3 training offerings; i.e. on-site corporate training, open (group) programmes, and private online coaching.

Want to chat about writing training?