Three very cool things have…

…happened to me lately. (Aside from having a baby.)

Here they are:

1. I’ve been asked (and have accepted and am excited about) being one of the judges of the Intel Visibly_Smart competition, where, to quote the website, technology and beauty are integrated and ‘techno-beauties’ are invited to express themselves by uploading their ‘art’ – images, photos, poetry, copy, clips or illustrations – to be judged as worthy of some seriously amazing prizes. Like monthly makeovers (I’d like one, please, but I’m exempt) or a trip to Fashion Week, as a VIP. Um, delicious or what?

2. I’ve been asked (and have accepted and am excited about) judging for the second year running a category in Caxton’s Editorial Excellence Awards. Last year, I joined Gus Silber (@gussilber) and Kym Argo to judge the ‘Short Snippets’; this year, I’m taking on the ‘Best Sub-Editor’ category all by my lonesome. It’s a biggie, but I’m flattered and looking forward to getting stuck in.

3. I was interviewed recently on Chai FM‘s weekday business radio show, by the very smart and very knowledgable Dr Avron Urison. My topic? How to write and then present a business plan. It went well. I think. Though listening to your own voice on radio (afterwards, of course) is always a bit weird. It also sparked an article, which should appear on Bizcommunity very soon.

Just so’s you know.