2015 IT Graduate Programme 

“Everything was very well prepared. We received everything we needed and more.”


“As someone coming straight out of university, it was a valuable lesson on how to communicate in a business setting.”

“It was extremely useful and a necessity for all new graduates to attend.”

“The programme was very useful and we learned more than what I had expected.”

“The tips that were provided make people understand you better.”

“Worth enrolling, good tips about writing the modern way.”



“Fantastic and really useful course. Tiffany was hilarious. I really enjoyed today’s session and gained lots of practical insight.”

“This was very helpful. The practical tips that Tiffany gave me is something I can start with immediately.”

“Huge enthusiasm. She is really good at what she does and makes it enjoyable. She made us understand the topics with brilliant practical examples.”

“I expected to be bored out of my mind and I seriously had so much fun.”

“Tiffany was really enthusiastic and I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. Her interactive approach was enjoyable and I learned a lot from her.”

“Tiffany was really good. She was very approachable and I felt I could identify with her easily. I learnt valuable writing skills.”


2013 MACE Congress
University of the Free State, Bloemfontein

“What an immense pleasure it was to have Tiffany as a speaker at the 2013 National MACE Congress on our Bloemfontein Campus last week [speaking on ‘Styling writing for different media’]. The feedback we have been receiving from attendants has been overwhelmingly positive. We’d like to thank Tiffany for playing an important part in the success of the Congress. We have been greatly enriched by her input, expertise and knowledge.” – Lacea Loader, Director: Strategic Communication, University of the Free State



Tiffany runs a regular Business Writing course as an open programme for Investec’s Learning & Development business unit. Here’s the most recent delegate feedback:

“The material in this course set a good foundation that can be applied practically.”

“I recommend this this course highly, as it takes you back to basics and removes the bad habits we’ve picked up over the years.”

“This is a great programme with a wide scope. Whether it’s email or report writing, there is a lot you can learn from Tiffany.”

“This course has helped me with my written communication skills. I have recognised the small mistakes I have previously been making.”

“It was excellently delivered with well-timed breaks and well-presented material.”

“Everyone needs to go on this programme.”

“The information was already typed out – making it easy to learn while listening.”



“Just a note to say thank you very much for the keynote address you presented at our Executive Officers in Higher Education Conference on 1 and 2 November 2012. Judging from the evaluation forms, your contribution added enormous value to the delegates. I was personally inspired by your presentation and I hope that we will cross paths soon. Looking very forward to working with you again in future.” – Debra Munemo, Amabhubesi Conferences & Events



Tiffany runs a regular Business & Report Writing programme as part of Investec’s Learning & Development business unit. Here’s the most recent delegate feedback:

“I really didn’t realise how many mistakes I’ve been making. The exercises were brilliant and Tiffany was knowledgeable, interesting and shared many tips with us.”

“The course content was easily understandable and informative. The exercises were tough but interesting and Tiffany kept me interested by being so lively and humorous.”

“I really enjoyed this course and would like to do some further training with Tiffany.”

“Tiffany is very good at getting the audience to participate and knows the content really well.”

“This was amazing! I will use what I’ve learned in all my writing from now on. Tiffany is very friendly and presents everything in a refreshing manner.”



This course was written from scratch to meet an Investec need for compliance report-writing training. It ran over two days and got wonderful feedback, even from the lawyers who attended:

“The course is very relevant to Investec and its environment.”

“This course answered many questions I had about compliance report writing, was relevant, well articulated and easy to understand.”

“Well tailored to our business, this course contained excellent examples of the errors we make.”

“The content was relevant and useful and I thoroughly enjoyed the exercises.”

“I found the content very interesting and it taught me how to reduce my legalese. The exercises were innovative and kept me interested. Tiffany delivered the subject matter well, kept the group in check and co-ordinated the course very well.”



Tiffany ran her popular short course on Minute Writing for the executive secretaries and recording secretaries at Shanduka. They enjoyed the material and learned a lot. Here’s what they said:

“Tiffany is interactive and makes sure we understand everything fully.”

“Tiffany is very informative.”

“This module was simple and easy to follow. Tiffany is very clear and explains everything in detail.”



Tiffany created an intricately customized writing training programme for the travel consultants and travel planners at &Beyond, to enable them to write more compellingly, more cleanly and more quickly. They said:

“Tiffany is, as always, entertaining.”

“This course touched on all points of writing that I struggle with.”

“Tiffany is inspiring and makes everyone feel like they can write well.”

“Great training on the use of pronouns in communication. Everything was informative and clear.”

“This day of training was real, honest and delivered with expertise and a clear understanding of our context.”

“Fun and informative, this course helped me realise what I have been doing wrong.”

“Tiffany is fun and interesting. She’s very patient and takes the time to go into detail.”

“I learned easy tips that I can implement straight away.”

“Tiffany is helpful and makes understanding the material really easy. She puts you at ease and she really understands our business’s needs.”

“The exercises we did made me really think and I enjoyed the challenge.”

“The course was practical, relevant and to the point.”

“The content covered and the lessons I learned will be very useful and make my life a lot easier.”

“Tiffany did an excellent job and her knowledge, experience and guidance are things we can all benefit from.”


INVESTEC PRIVATE BANK                                                                                             BUSINESS WRITING AND REPORT WRITING

Tiffany runs a regular Business & Report Writing programme as part of Investec’s Learning & Development business unit. Here’s the most recent delegate feedback:

“Everything is relevant in this course. I’ll be looking to use a number of things I’ve learned.”

“It was very interactive and it helped me practise methods I would like to use daily.”

“Practical and understandable – presented with verve and humour.”

“Enjoyed the course very much; there was good humour mixed in.”

“Great theory – short and tight! The exercises are instrumental in making you think about how you have written emails previously. Tiffany is confident, knowledgeable, funny and interesting.”

“It’s great to have guidelines to follow and a framework to fall back on. Tiffany has great passion and energy for the field – you can see it in her delivery.”


MULTICHOICE ONLINE                                                                                               INTRODUCTION TO COPY EDITING

Tiffany worked with the Online team to fine-tune their editing of copy for the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Here’s what they said:

“Relevant, engaging and lively.”

“The exercises were an eye-opener. Tiffany is on point, knows her stuff and is a trusted source.”

“This was a comprehensive language and grammar course. Tiffany was interactive, friendly and helpful as well as accommodating.”


STANDARD BANK SOUTH AFRICA                                                                                     WRITING FOR POWERPOINT

Tiffany developed a brand new course designed to improve the way Standard Bank staff members created wording and text for PowerPoint presentations. Here’s their feedback:

“Very engaging and interesting.”

“Excellent! Very practical and Tiffany is always so good to listen to.”

“The content was very useful; the exercises challenging but interesting.”


STANDARD BANK SOUTH AFRICA                                                                                   WRITING FOR THE INTRANET

Tiffany created a fully customized business writing course on Writing for the Intranet. The client was Standard Bank, and this is what attendees had to say about it:

“Extremely relevant and very practical. Tiffany is a guru when it comes to the English language and how it’s used.”

“The exercises were challenging but good. I enjoyed it, as always.”



Tiffany developed and facilitated a half-day course called Writing Compelling Mailers for Investec Bank. This is what they had to say about it:

“This is better than most courses I have attended. Tiffany is informative and made me comfortable engaging in a group.”

“The course is pitched at the appropriate level for my requirement. It gets the point across without being unnecessarily complex. Tiffany has a good energy and is easy to relate to.”

“Interesting, informative, current, relevant, fun and quirky. It has helped my work.”

“This is the most useful and informative course I’ve done on writing. Excellent writing exercises that got instant feedback. Tiffany is a very engaging presenter. She is knowledgeable and a consummate speaker.”

“The exercises used are real examples from Investec and this helps in understanding where the problems are. Tiffany is highly knowledgeable and interacts with the class. She keeps you engaged and interested.”



Read what the delegates from Investec Bank had to say about my specially customised web and social media copywriting workshop, which I created using samples from the Investec website:

“A passionate and energetic speaker, just Investec’s style. Well-researched on Investec’s house style.” – Madeleine de Rauville-Raal, Marketing, Investec Bank

“It is very interesting to put into practice what is learnt. The examples were very interesting.”

“Tiffany is a brilliant speaker, she kept me intrigued the whole way through. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

“The content was relevant and the examples were engaging. Tiffany is a very energetic and engaging speaker.”

“Tiffany kept the momentum going and took control of the session. Her knowledge on the subject is evident.”

“I left feeling like a solid foundation had been built.”

“A very good course. It really opened my eyes to the common mistakes that we make.”

“Tiffany is a great facilitator, very knowledgeable and she provided great insight.”



Read what the production and marketing managers from IIR had to say about the tailored workshop I ran for them, on ‘Writing for online sales and marketing':

“Thank you so much for the training Tiffany. I think the team enjoyed it a lot too!” – Kay Grant, Manager, IIR Training

“Very useful; I’m going to refer to my booklet for tips. Thank you!”

“A very good presentation. Tiffany is very knowledgeable when it comes to copywriting.”

“Great, this will really help me to write better copy.”

“Awesome! Thank you very much. Very helpful takeaway knowledge.”

“This course definitely gave me more insight. Can’t wait to start writing. Well done! I’ve learnt a lot.”

“An engaging and thought-provoking course.”

“Tiffany is a really great facilitator and has a wonderful ability to engage and make the course easy to relate to.”

“Very enlightening. All the content is relevant and adequate.”

“Tiffany is engaging, audible, knowledgeable and professional.”



“Tiffany knew exactly what she was talking about. Her presentation was brilliant, well-researched and a real eye-opener. Overall, Tiffany is an outstanding speaker who understands her audience and interacts well with them. Feedback from the delegates was very positive.” – Joyce Adams, Conference Producer, AMC International



Read what the sub-editors from True Love, Real and Move! magazines had to say about my specially customised advanced copy editing workshop, which was structured using their own writing, editing and photographs:

“Thank you so much for the feedback you sent through on how our subs performed, and once again, thanks for the great workshop. All the copy-editors are motivated and some of your techniques have already been piloted in the editing workflow of some of the magazines.” – Nadia Goetham, Chief Sub-Editor, Thought24

“Thanks again for the course yesterday. My subs were so excited to work today, I have not seen such enthusiasm from them since I met them. Your no-nonsense approach and sense of humour made the whole day a great deal of fun and the learning was almost done unconsciously! I look forward to working with you again! Oh my goodness, I think I have just used up the two exclamation marks of my career…” - Gillian Hurst, Senior Sub-Editor, Move! and Move! Parent

“The theory contained good practical skills.”

“I liked that you used our own copy and pictures.”

“Tiffany Markman is highly skilled.”

“The exercise content was at just the right level/pitch.”

“Tiffany is lively, informative and so A-type! Booya!”

“This editing training was extremely useful in every aspect of our daily business.”

“Tiff is a breath of fresh air to the craft.”

“Tiffany Markman is a trainer who knows her stuff.”

“Your module taught me a lot and will stay on my desk.”

“Tiffany is extremely professional. A whizz and a genius.” [I am blushing – Ed.]



“The quality of the training is exceptional, consistent and empowering. It builds writer confidence, exposes you to the latest writing techniques and gives valuable insight into your own ability. Tiffany Markman lives up to her reputation as a leading writer and trainer in the industry. Her personal brand is impeccable. There is an effective approach to her training, which is uncomplicated, empowering and easy to relate to. I found it of value and I have become fearless when taking on bold writing projects.” – Claire Norman, Absa Group Communications



Here’s a taste of their feedback:

“The training was very professional, thorough, informative and ultimately very, very useful. Tiffany’s approach is very relaxed and highly knowledgeable. She is clearly highly skilled and willing to share her excellent knowledge. The value was excellent. Tiffany’s client service, contact, feedback, responses and turn-around were also superb – in fact, something to learn from. Thank you. – Alexandra Parry, The Vision Board

“The quality of the training was great. It was a day of constant, relevant learning that was fun and well-managed. She knows her stuff! [The approach used is] excellent – she engages with everyone in the workshop in a fun yet professional manner and answers all questions from a deep well of knowledge.” – Charlotte Danby, freelancer



Read some of the feedback from the 16 Caxton delegates who attended my proposal writing workshop, which was customised to fit their half-day conference requirements:


“Tiffany made the whole presentation so easy; there is a lot that I learned and I am definitely going to use all the information.”

“Tiffany was a great presenter.”

“I love the fact that I can use simple words.”

“The duration was perfect: she kept to the time assigned.”

“Excellent presentation skills!”

“I really found the course useful and I will definitely be using this knowledge for writing proposals. Thanks so much!”

“Great – will definitely use all pointers and tips.”

“Very interesting and well-presented – kept me very interested.”

“Tiffany made excellent use of examples. It was well-presented. Thank you.”



This is what members of the MultiChoice Corporate Affairs team had to say about their 100% tailored copy editing, e-mail writing and general business writing workshop:

“Tiffany is excellent. It’s as though she knows what you are saying and thinking before you say it.”

“The theory is very relevant and user-friendly; the exercise content is realistic and practical and Tiffany Markman engages with and encourages everyone to comfortably participate.”



Read what the team from Absa had to say about my specially customised copy editing workshop, run using examples and extracts of their own communications and public relations writing:

“This was relevant and practical.”

“Superior. Tiffany is very patient and accommodating. She does not interfere with your individual style; she simply enhances it.”

“This will be very useful in future. Exceptional content. Tiffany has made life as a professional writer a lot easier for me. I look forward to our next engagement.”

“The module content is easy to understand and is practical. The exercises are relevant and interesting. The facilitator encouraged interaction with the delegates.”



“Thank you, Tiffany! I really enjoyed the training and am actually looking forward to taking my next set of minutes! That is scheduled for 11 Feb…so I presume I will be up and ready to go with a skip in my step!” – Brenda Dixon, PA


&BEYOND (formerly CC Africa)

Read what a sample of 60 delegates had to say about my 100% customised, 100% tailored, inside-info-based seminars on how to apologise in business writing:

“I wish every consultant who deals with the general public could attend a session with Tiffany. Not everything can wait for the assistance of a manager. I did appreciate that Tiffany has obviously done her homework on the company and as a result the theory was relevant to our output. I found Tiffany to be a well-spoken, articulate facilitator. She captures your attention immediately and holds it till the end, which I find few facilitators are able to do.”

“Tiffany is very cool and knows how to captivate her audience.”

“Thanks Tiffany – you were amazing and I loved your course yet again. I could have done with even more than two hours. Can you clone yourself and send your clone to write all my emails for me please?”

“Tiffany knows what she is talking about; her confidence is overwhelming.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting I found the workshop… Tiffany is a natural, and she does a great job at keeping you interested.”

“It was very impressive that we broke down a “sorry letter” into three categories and it was useful to know the approach we should take when tackling each one. It was challenging initially, but the tools we were give prior to the exercise helped us to execute with ease. Tiffany was very professional, but yet still kept us ‘tuned in’. She kept the workshop exciting and fun.”

“Well informed. Well spoken. Tiffany applies industry-specific examples as if she has been working for the company for years…”

“The facilitator had done her homework well. She was very clear with her facts.”

“The theory was very interesting and I learned a few new things. Sadly the smiley face has to go, but I do understand why… Enjoy Tiffany’s presentation and her no-nonsense attitude. Would definitely enjoy another course presented by her.”

“Tiffany is a lot of fun and very informative. Gives real examples and really makes you think outside the box. No email was sent today without me thinking twice before pressing the send button… Thanks a lot.”

“Very informative and laid out very well. Good practice. It was good hearing other’s letters to use as examples. Tiffany is very energetic and funny.”

“I found the information and presentation good. And relevant to our line of business. Tiffany is a vibey and well-informed facilitator.”

“Very relevant to all on the course. Tiffany is very entertaining and holds the attention of the people on the course.”

“I enjoyed the workshop; it definitely taught me a lot. Will not be so nervous responding to agents’ complaints, comments, etc, anymore. Tiffany was great.”

“Will be very useful going forward. Found that many things I was already doing [are okay] but certain points will be invaluable! Exercise content was fine; was great to see how others work and can definitely use some of their ideas. Tiffany – what a stunner! Very informative, funny and managed to hold everyone’s attention for a full two hours. Speaks from experience and is very honest on what is okay and not okay. Really great!”

“It was great – interesting and focused. Good to have had practical examples which are relevant to &Beyond and our industry. The facilitator was very enthusiastic and interesting.”

“I liked the sandwich approach in dealing with apologies and enquiries… It was great to learn how other people deal with complaints. I will be using some, if not all, of those guidelines if I come across a similar situation. Tiffany Markman is very knowledgeable and interesting – keeps everything short and straight to the point.”



The team from NDI had some wonderful things to say about the half-day workshop sponsored by their company as part of their retrenchment, focused on CV or resume writing, re-entering the job market and self-promotion:

“I was blown away by Tiffany’s training. It built me personally and professionally. It made me see that there is more out there – I can definitely make it.”

“Tiffany made me comfortable and showed me to think widely. From time to time, we need someone to tell us that there is hope – and she was excellent. Thank you very much.”

“The content is very practical and one can learn and be guided. It was useful information.”

“The facilitator was lovely and very motivational. She spoke clearly, effectively and achieved the goal of the workshop. Thank you.”

“Considering the short notice and the size of the group, the delivery was great.”

“I learned to feel more comfortable [with being retrenched], to apply for what I want and to be patient.”



Read what the content managers of Exxaro’s various business units had to say about the fully customised combo workshop I created for them, on writing and editing internal company newsletters:

“You make it seem so simple! I love your lists and quick guides.”

“I was blown away. Tiffany knows her subject very well.”

“This was really very helpful. You know what you do and you respect your students…”

“The module was well-defined and easy to read. Very interesting. Tiffany keeps you spell-bound, or should I say, module-bound. Thanks, Tiff.”

“Very fruitful. The content is straight to the point. Tiffany is a very good facilitator, and friendly.”

“The course content is straight to the point. I understood everything Tiffany had to say.”

“I learned a lot about the different angles you can take when writing a story. The exercises were very interesting and allowed me to think. Tiffany knows her stuff and she facilitates well.”

“Very practical. Tiffany is very bubbly, informative and interactive.”



Read what the team from ProMusica Theatre in Roodepoort had to say about my ‘Power of the Proposal’ workshop – a writing workshop for fund-raisers:

“Thanks so much again, for the very informative workshop yesterday.”

“You are an exceptional individual who has taught me a lot!”

“It is really uplifting to hear good examples [of proposal writing]…”

“Your level of enthusiasm and energy really allows people to feel at ease.”



“Thank you once again for an excellent course. Everyone seems to have found it useful.” – Sanita Groenewald, Web Content Manager



Read what the team from SuperGroup had to say about my customised business-writing workshop:

“Thank you for a wonderful day today.”

“Thanks so much; your course was amazing. Really informative. Thanks again.”

“I really enjoyed the course on Friday – very good. Thanks so much. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope to attend other courses that you present. You’ve also reminded me of how much I love English and I’ve started wondering if I should pursue a degree in English too…”

“Many thanks for sending this [follow-up] information through. It is incredibly useful. It was great meeting you and I look forward to more sessions with you in the future.”



The team at TEBA Development had some great things to say about my ‘Power of the Proposal’ Workshop:

“She made me feel that I can be comfortable with the way I write, and not try to impress – but convince.”

“Tiffany is well-informed; she answered all questions, gave us more info and covered more topics than were in the handbook… Thanks.”

“It was an intro course, but I learned a lot. Also, there was not an overflow of information.”

“Useful tips. Brought me up to speed in terms of preparing more ‘modern’ proposals.”

“Good course content. Tiffany has a sound knowledge of her subject.”



Read what the team from PPS said about our comprehensive Business Writing Skills workshop, which was fully customised with exercises based on their own writing and communication:

“Brilliant – I am very impressed.”

“The course was informative and well-planned. It was fascinating.”

“Tiffany is well-spoken and could answer all questions clearly.”

“I enjoyed the course a lot and learned a lot.”

“It is really essential to refresh the way one looks at writing. Thanks for the journey – it was worth every minute!”

“I learned things I had overlooked in the past.”

“Tiffany is very passionate about her subject.”

“The content was excellent – and Tiffany is very involved and open to diverting questions.”

“I was not up to it, but then it opened my eyes to all of my mistakes…”

“She kept the group in control. No nonsense. Brilliant!”



Read what the sales team from GVK had to say about the day we spent in Cape Town, mastering the art of business writing:

“Excellent for Afrikaans-speaking people!”

“I feel more confident about my correspondence.”

“Far beyond what I expected.”

“Very informative.”

“Thank you very much, Tiffany. It was excellent.”



Read what the recruitment team from MacDonald & Co had to say about ‘BTL Copywriting’ – a guide to writing web ads, job briefs and candidate profiles:

“Very empowering and well-tuned towards the desired content.”

“Tiffany is excellent. Brilliant focus on each individual’s point of development.”

“Brilliant course – will recommend it to anyone.”

“Tiffany is very good, not condescending. She is patient and intellectually stimulating.”

“All I have to do now is write – thank you!”

“I did not expect to learn as much as I did today. It’s amazing how ‘not obvious’ the English language is.”

“Tiffany is a great lady – excellent communication skills. Her attention to personal problems is commendable.”

“Great help in the active construction of, and content of, web ads.”

“Tiffany is very clear and understandable. She helps to focus on the important issues.”



Read what the team from Penguin Books SA had to say about my customised business writing and business grammar workshop:

“Tiffany is a great tutor!”

“Very informative. The course has made me keen to go ahead and write productive and informative e-mails and letters.”

“Tiffany covers all subjects and more, and has an example for all topics covered.”

“Showed me a lot of mistakes that I never noticed before.”

“I learned a lot about English, which will help with my English husband!”

“Easy to listen to and informational with every sentence.”

“Informative and to the point – a nice refresher course!”

“A well-needed workshop. Conducted very well. Thank you.”



Read what the team from Penguin Books SA had to say about my customised workshop, ‘Copy Editing and Copywriting with Power’:

“Fantastic! I wish I could attend a full-year course!”

“You’re so passionate. Your energy rubs off on a person.”

“The course is very concise and to the point, covering all the skills needed.”

“Tiffany makes you feel comfortable and gives feedback in a way that builds your confidence.”

“I wish Tiffany had been my English school teacher.”

“Tiffany covers more aspects of writing correctly in one day than in a whole year.”

“Very well-prepared. Better and more relevant than I expected.”

“Tiffany is very engaging and easy to approach.”



Read what the team from Peregrine Investment Managers had to say about my customised workshop, ‘A Survival Kit for Writing for Print & Web’:

“The content is accessible and practical, with tools and helpful tips.”

“The tailor-made content is useful.”

“Thank you – your course was very beneficial!”

“Tiffany is knowledgeable and her presentation is coherent and fun!”



Read what the team from GCIS (South Africa’s Government Communication and Information System) had to say about my ‘Language Editing for Print & Web’ workshop:

“A very good course – it covers a lot, comprehensively.”

“I like the fact that examples were taken from our website, and that you discuss problems specific to our writing.”

“Tiffany speaks clearly and her pace is good.”

“This workshop was very informative. It covered the basics – and I’m optimistic that I’m going to be a better writer from now on.”

“I can’t wait to put into practice what I’ve learned!”

“The module was wonderfully structured.”

“Tiffany is kind, clear and straight to the point.”



Read what the communications team from Exxaro had to say about my ‘Grammar Survival Kit’ – a grammar refresher for corporate communicators:

“I like the fact that the format of the course allows for interaction and very specific questions.”

“Tiffany presents in a fun and engaging way – I wasn’t bored. It is an excellent course.”

“Excellent – precise and valuable content.”

“Thank you, Tiffany – this course will make my life easier…”

“Very informative and thoroughly enjoyable, with useful content.”

“Tiffany is a brilliant facilitator and this course was an eye-opener.”

“I can really recommend it.”


CC AFRICA (formerly ConsCorp)

Read what Kerry Smart, General Manager of CC Africa Safaris, had to say about my two-hour presentation to 30 team members on ‘Writing with Power & Creating Killer E-mails’:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have amazing knowledge and feedback from our team on your presentation has been fabulous! Your input was most valuable. On behalf of CC Africa, we look forward to working with you again.”



Read what the team from MV Communications had to say about my brand new ‘Survival Guide for Corporate Copywriting’:

“I learnt more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the interaction and the open format of the course (and I’m actually thinking of how I’m writing this…)”

“Fantastic knowledge, interesting, to-the-point. You don’t confuse the issue.”

“Informative, challenging, a great way to refresh my knowledge of English, and it helped me take a fresh look at my writing style.”

“Very good, interesting, she grabs your attention and keeps it by keeping you involved and constantly thinking… Nice easy manner with delegates.”

“The course was very informative and up-to-date with the latest trends in copywriting, so it helped me a lot.”

“Tiffany was very good – the course material was customised to suit our individual needs and she went through it so that we understood clearly.”



Read what the members of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) had to say about ‘Writing and Editing for Corporate Communicators’:

“Thanks, Tiffany. You always make it sound so simple.”

“I like your style and fast pace!”

“You give good examples and have expert knowledge of the rules.”

“Thanks for the logic, practical examples, relevance and pace.”

“You used a good method of instruction for a nice, intimate group.”

“This was great – very informative!”

“I liked your structure and flow.”



Read what the team from GCIS (Government’s creators of the SA Yearbook and Pocket Guide to South Africa) had to say about my ‘Cutting-Edge Editing’ workshop:

“Everybody agreed that it was one of the best workshops they had ever attended.”

“We will definitely want follow-ups.”

“I’ve attended many workshops, but they were not as enlightening as yours.”

“I honestly enjoyed every minute of it. Keep up the good work.”

“Good exercises and presentation.”

“Well-structured, applicable to our environment and full of nice tips we can use.”

“Very insightful, very informative. I enjoyed it!”

“The workshop was informative and empowered me with new techniques.”



Read what Grace Harding, co-Director, had to say about my ‘Grammar Survival Kit’, an interactive and dynamic session of grammar refreshing and writing training:

“We all loved the workshop. It is so alive in our minds. Now we are terrified of our split infinitives and beyond; we are obsessed with what you taught us. I give you 10/10 for everything: course content, meeting our expectations, your facilitation. You prepare beautifully; you structure perfectly; you are clever and kind. What incredible value you add! Thank you so much. We can’t wait for our next workshop.”

Read what the rest of the Actuate team had to say about the ‘Grammar Survival Kit’:

“Tiffany is brilliant: a writer teaching writing.”

“These are not the frills you learn at other institutions.”

“Baie lekker! Tiffany’s excellent – she even knows Hebrew!”

“Tiffany is a vibrant presenter who involves her audience.”

“She makes language understandable.”

“You give good examples and clear directions.”

“This was something new. I didn’t know there was something like this…”


“Very relevant to our current work. Great for the whole team.”



Read what the team from JET Education Services had to say about my new workshop, ‘The Power of the Proposal’:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop.”

“You created excellent rapport and a level of comfort for everyone.”

“A job well done. Thank you!”

“…this workshop helped me with various aspects of writing, beyond proposals.”

“Very well-facilitated.”

“The outline was clear and user-friendly.”

“Well worth attending.”

“The course was concise, yet informative.”

“What an excellent approach and rapport with participants!”

“Excellent facilitation.”



Read what the marketing team from Private Client Wealthcare company, CITADEL, had to say about my customised workshop, ‘Cutting-Edge Corporate Correspondence’:

“Loved the self-confidence!”

“Excellent moderation, well-explained, thorough.”

“I really enjoyed your style, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

“You understood and met our needs.”

“I have learned so much in such a short space of time!”

“I am confident that my writing skills will improve hugely.”

“Dynamic! You know your stuff! I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

“Your compliments were always sincere.”


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