Meet award-winning writer & speaker Tiffany Markman.

Key challenges Tiffany helps clients with:

  • Getting their mojo back, post-pandemic
  • Helping individuals, teams and companies to self-promote
  • Coming up with creative ideas for content
  • Managing time, tasks and pressures in a frenzied world


IABC World Conference 2022: Main Programme Live in New York City
PSASA Annual Convention 2022: Main Programme Live in Pretoria, SA

Ranked among the “Top 50 Female Content Marketers in the World 2021”
– ContentBot



The Art (and Science) of Shameless Self-Promotion


How to Live in Your A-Game


Un-Installing Impostor Syndrome


Write Better Business Emails


Available in person and virtually


Where’s your mojo gone? Let’s find it.

Even if you once had a comfort zone, it’s been set on fire. Or, at the very least, shaken to its core. So how do you stride through 2022 with boldness – given that the world is scary, business is up and down, what’s “normal” is fluid, and you really want to do things differently this year, but have no idea where to start? Tiffany Markman will advise you. There are ONLY 2 RULES.

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How & why you need to self-promote

Today, it’s hard to be amazing. And even if you are amazing, it’s hard to show up, every day, amazingly. It’s time for you to re-frame self-promotion, in your head, so you see it as the ability to tune into what people want and then give them the opportunity to have that thing. It’s time to share value. That’s how you stand out, how you get more of the work you want, how you earn more money, and how you future-proof yourself. Let’s get SHAMELESS.

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Want 16 brilliant content ideas in 60 minutes?

Sometimes communicators feel like we’ve already thought of everything. Like there’s nothing new under the sun. Like our ideas bank has been plundered and there’s only dustballs and pencil shavings remaining. Tiffany Markman uses her Micro-Targeting Methodology to come up with clever content ideas, angles and hooks that never seem to run dry. Want to learn it?

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Time management for the time-poor

They say that anyone can achieve radical productivity. That we all have “the same number of hours in the day as Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk”. We don’t. But Tiffany Markman knows what you can do about that. She knows how you can manage expectations, say No, be realistic about your capacity, find the golden ratio of planning to doing, and use marvellous productivity hacks. Are you in?

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“Freelance Copywriter of the Year: South Africa 2020”
– Corporate Livewire Awards

About Tiffany Markman

Award-winning writer, international trainer and professional speaker Tiffany Markman has the practical advice that individuals, teams and organisations need to do things better… from the moment they exit her talk.

She also has a talent for making her content fun, funny and relentlessly useful. Widely known for her energy, authenticity, self-deprecating humour and high-impact presentation style, Tiffany is an engaging speaker – whether she is on stage or presenting virtually.

She has spoken to and trained tens of thousands of people at conferences and corporate events, exhibiting a passion for sharing knowledge and raising standards.

Tiffany is admired in corporate, marketing and training circles for her work in strategic copywriting, technical writing, digital messaging, and social media, and shares regular columns, op eds and articles on communication, language, media, freelancing, and small business ownership. She also has a large and highly effective social media footprint.

When Tiffany Markman is done speaking to your team, they’ll have lightbulb moments, memorable sound bites, and user-friendly techniques that they can use, right away, to utterly change the game.

Associations & Accolades

  • Professional Member: Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA)
  • Full Member: Southern African Freelancers’ Association (Safrea)
  • Ranked among the “Top 50 Female Content Marketers in the World 2021” (ContentBot)
  • “Freelance Copywriter of the Year: South Africa 2020” (Corporate Livewire Awards)

Recent Presentations

  • IABC World Conference 2021: Main Programme Virtual
  • IABC Converge (Asia-Pacific) Conference 2021: Fringe Programme Virtual
  • IAB Johannesburg Digital Summit 2018: Main Programme Live
  • The Real Life MBA Johannesburg 2017: Main Programme Live

Need to introduce Tiffany Markman?


Tiffany has a powerful way with words, both spoken and written. She also has the gift of perspective and seeing how all the parts come together to form a whole. I love her specificity and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Tiffany as an inspirational and entertaining speaker in her niche. She makes her audience laugh at her, and themselves, while landing a clear and powerful message.

Nikki Bush, CSPspeaker & author

Tiffany Markman is a dynamic and passionate expert and an almost infinite well of wisdom, advice and encouragement. For me, one of her best qualities is her ability to speak to her audience on a level that is simultaneously relatable and 'real' but also authoritative… The advice she offered changed my perspective forever and it continues to help me grow my business and my confidence.

Richard Haganspecialist writer

There's no question that Tiffany is an absolute talent with incredible skills across the board. And she's the never-ending professional. But more than anything, Tiffany is a wonderful human being. I can’t recommend her enough. My company has dealt with her in the past and the exchange was genuinely valuable

Mark Sham,speaker & entrepreneur