That old line about 1/3 of all businesses failing in their first year? Bullshit.

And guess what? The less-common-but-still-popular line about the number being even higher for small business owners like freelancers, consultants and coaches? Also, bullshit.

I’m Tiffany Markman, freelance copywriter and trainer, and here’s what I believe:

  • If you’re, objectively, a highly skilled specialist and…
  • You can keep your business’s overheads relatively low and…
  • You’re committed to operating like an absolute professional and…
  • You’re in it to make serious money (not ‘hobby’ money)…
  • From a rock-solid, full-time business…

…then there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do exactly what I did. I left my job, went solo and doubled my salary in three months… And now I have a freelancing course to teach you how to do the same thing.

What’s The Big Deal?

I built an absolutely gorgeous freelance business that…

  • Makes me happy to get out of bed most mornings – even though I’m not really a morning person…
  • Gives our small family (and our large circle of dependents) what it needs, and plenty more…
  • Allows me to attend school plays and swimming galas and “your-child-bit-someone” last-minuters…
  • Has me driving my 4th (fully paid for!) BMW – which matters if you aspire to a luxury car…
  • Has survived two major global recessions so far, and…
  • Won me ‘Freelance Copywriter of the Year 2020’ in The Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards…
  • All while turning over significantly more than a million Rand a year – even during a global pandemic…

And they said a Bachelor of Arts degree was worth bugger-all! Ha, I say. Ha!


Here’s the whole freelancing course curriculum. Split into weeks for you.

1 Week 0: Introduction

0.1 Welcome to a whole new world FREE PREVIEW
0.2 What to expect from this course FREE PREVIEW
0.3 Me & my back-story
0.4 Quickie survey: Getting to know you

2 Week 1: Know Thyself

1.0 The Week 1 Preamble FREE PREVIEW
1.1 “But I’m not entrepreneurial.”
1.2 “The things I’m scared of…”
1.3 “Do I have to set actual goals?”
1.4 “I think I have Impostor Syndrome.”
1.5 “How do I find my niche?”
1.6 Podcast: Tiffany Markman on the Business of Freelancing FREE PREVIEW

3 Week 2: Know Thy Basics

2.0 The Week 2 Preamble
2.1 How to draft your ‘pick-up line’
2.2 Deciding on naming & branding FREE PREVIEW
2.3 How to set your freelance rates
2.4 Finalising your Ts & Cs
2.5 How to draw up a rate card
2.6 Retainer and ‘anchor’ clients

4 Week 3: Know Thy Client

3.0 The Week 3 Preamble
3.1 Client segments & client personas
3.2 How to conduct client research
3.3 How to mine for prospects
3.4 How to craft your sales pitch
3.5 How to attract big-money clients

5 Week 4: Know Thy Systems

4.0 The Week 4 Preamble
4.1 The experts vs the beginners
4.2 How to streamline your admin
4.3 Tackling the time-keeping
4.4 How to manage your books & tax
4.5 Choosing a business model
4.6 Selling, self-promotion & portfolios
4.7 Creating a recognisable brand

6 Week 5: Manage Thy Client

5.0 The Week 5 Preamble
5.1. How to take a really good brief
5.2 How to decide on project scope
5.3 How (and when!) to negotiate on rates
5.4 Tough conversations, tough clients

Enroll today for just $297. All in.

You get 6-12 weeks of me, 38 lessons, 6 bonuses (and counting), and more. Come get it while it’s hot.

Why am I so sure this is what you need?

Because I know why many freelancers fail… And I’ve designed this freelancing course so you won’t be one of them.

  • You’ll get 100% of my shareable knowledge.
  • I’ll tell you what I do, what I say, how I work.
  • I’ll share what I read and who I follow.
  • You’ll get all the good stuff; none of the bullshit.
  • Just a well-structured, manageable programme.
  • Good advice, tips, techniques and how-tos.
  • Things you can apply daily, as you go.

I’m so sure this is what you need because this is the freelancing course your business has been waiting for. It’s a skills-based programme, because you’re a skilled person. One thing I know for sure is that, today, people don’t take an online course to LEARN. They – or rather, you – take an online course to achieve results. So I’m not going to help you to get a diploma in freelancing. I’m going to make you a better freelancer, and hold your hand the whole time. Finish and klaar.


But wait! There’s more. Two of the things that scare the pants off most freelancers are a) the legal stuff and b) what to say on that first call with a would-be client. The fine print *terrified* me when I started. So I paid for good legal advice initially, and then married the son of a lawyer and got my divine father-in-law to handle everything else for me. Here, in the bonuses, is where you’ll find the really important extra info you need so you don’t trip up when the time comes. P.S. Since I launched this freelancing course, I’ve added another three GLORIOUS bonuses. You’re welcome.

    • Bonus 1: Tips for signing contracts worth $200 – Know your basic intellectual property rights, the building blocks of a non-disclosure agreement, must-understand contract terms, and big ol’ red flags. Because not knowing makes you seem (and feel) clueless or careless. Not a good look.
    • Bonus 2: Standard non-disclosure agreements worth $250 each x 2 – Here I share 2 versions of the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) I rely on: one in which you are the receiving party and getting confidential info, and one in which you are the disclosing party and sharing your IP. Either way, you’re protected.
    • Bonus 3: The discovery call worth $300 – Here I guide you through your first all-important phone or virtual call with a prospect, where you learn more about what they need. It’s also your chance to uncover unspoken objections and address them, before the really serious part: the wrap-up.

Let’s talk about you.

I’m thinking that – because you’re still here with me – you want to be a successful, in-demand freelancer with a reliable pipeline of high-paying clients, control over your time, certainty about the value you add, and all-important income security. Buuut, if you’re like me when I started, and anything like the many, many freelancers I’ve trained in my life so far, you’re probably also…

  • Lacking confidence when you promote your business or skills to clients?
  • Not getting paid what you’re worth or earning enough to make a serious living?
  • Battling to manage your clients, projects, time, and the all-consuming admin?
  • Feeling frazzled, unfocused and reactive, from being pulled in too many directions?

I believe I can help you with all that.


And importantly, provided your idea of success ISN’T Upwork, Elance, Fiverr, or one of the many other bottomless pits of low rates, difficult clients, damaged self-esteem and entirely absent control over your own working life.

You’re probably thinking: “Can’t I do it on my own?”

Nope. And I’ll tell you why not.

Your skills and talents aren’t what’s holding you back. It’s the little stuff. The worrying and overthinking. The second-guessing. The anxieties around money and negotiation. The gaps in your ‘tough conversations’ arsenal. It’s the fear of selling. The discomfort with shameless self-promotion. The inability to build a pipeline of eager clients who come to you, and pay what you charge.

April Maguire in Business Know How says the top problems all freelancers report relate largely to uncertainty:

  • Vague client requests
  • Unreliable clients
  • Poor client communication
  • Charging too little
  • Late payment
  • Trouble securing payment

Guess who knows how to give you more certainty about these things, so you make more money, have more freedom and build something sustainable? I DO. Me. I mean, if I teach a freelancing course and my only success story is myself, I’m no expert. There could be a ton of reasons for my success – ranging from timing to privilege – and I need to replicate my magic for the many others who are not me.

Still wondering if this is for you?

Unlike so many courses out there, Rockstar Freelancing can be enjoyed in less time per day than it takes to watch a West Wing re-run. And in this time, you’ll get freelancing gems you can begin applying immediately. Like, every day. You don’t need to wait til the end.

Speaking of gems, here are some of the things I’m going to share with you (because these are things freelancers most commonly ask me): How to…

  • Get (big) clients, consistently
  • Build a sustainable pipeline
  • Juggle client management, admin and doing the work
  • Be taken as seriously as any business
  • Achieve balance and productivity
  • Navigate the peaks and troughs – financial and mental!
  • Work for people who respect what you offer
  • Choose the kind of work you do

You should know that my material is based on REAL LIFE, so it’s updated all the time. I’m not one of those coaches who plugs the same tired course, talk and book year after year, occasionally changing pics, fonts and logos to make ’em look fresh.

I’m in it. Neck-deep. And I’m completely committed to growing and evolving my methods, approaches, strategies, and tactics for what’s going on in my business and in the world.

“What if it’s not for me?”

There’s a Satisfaction Guarantee. Rockstar Freelancing is 100% RISK-FREE. If you feel you didn’t get the value you expected from my training material, email me after month #1, show me you actually did the work, and I will happily refund you in full. IN. FULL.

Here’s the best part:

If you think there’s even a small chance that Rockstar Freelancing can change things for you and for your freelance business, you should enroll today.

Because you can try out my freelancing course for a full 30 days. No guesswork. No hopin’ and wishin’. Use it, and see for yourself. If it works, your freelancing life will be forever changed. And if it doesn’t, you’ll get your money back.


Rockstar programme

The course itself… That’s 38 lessons PLUS a growing list of bonuses.

Accountability tasks

Discussion boards, mini assignments, and quick-win challenges.

Live Q&A webinars

Access to me via live webinars as they happen, and via email always.


So here are other people I’ve actually helped, in just the last few months. These are actual people who took the risk, invested in themselves, and got great ROI for their businesses as a result.

Start building your future, your way.