4 mini-tips for writing (much) better blogs

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Here’s some info that may, effectively, take food from my five-year-old’s mouth. No, I’m not kidding. What follows could actually lessen the work I get, by giving you better writing skills.

How? Well, lots of my clients are beginning to prioritise regular blogging, as a route to more website traffic, industry thought leadership, or even better customer service through added value. This trend is good news for me, because it usually translates into regular work.

But what if – gasp! – you don’t want to use me for this, and you’d prefer to write your own stuff? That’s okay too. Here are 4 quick...

Why you should use the simplest words you can

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Yesterday I interviewed a very long-winded source for a white paper I’m writing on Disruptive Digital Technologies. And I realised something interesting about the words we use.

The problem

When we’re uncertain about our message, we have a lack of confidence in the clarity of our expression, or we’re presenting something complex, we use more words than we need.

We do this to ensure that, in the mess of verbiage, something tweaks the reader or listener’s antennae, and makes them understand what we’re trying to convey.

In short, we say something twice or three times, in different ways, because we...

Why I don’t hope you are well

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It’s an epidemic.

These days every email, regardless of content, context or source, is prefaced with the stale opener, ‘I hope you are well’ (or its more patronising spinster cousin, ‘Trust this email finds you well*.’)

But does the sender really hope I’m well? Is he or she genuinely concerned with the state of my health – physical, mental or otherwise? Probably not. And yet…there it is.

Why do we do it?

Because we’re reluctant to dive into our message. It feels abrupt; rude even, and so we experience a measure of professional guilt if we don’t top and tail our business...