I’m Tiffany Markman, a freelance provider of editing and copywriting services. Most of my time is spent working on texts of different styles, sizes and strategies. And, while I specialise in corporate and business writing, I handle creative or agency projects too. As a result, even if you have no idea what you need, I know how to ask the right questions. Because I’ve worked for over 300 clients. (Let’s find out what you need together.)

Web & Digital

The world of web and digital copy is not Kansas anymore, Toto. Because web copy isn’t just print copy on a website. Its structure, tone, and messaging must be specific, to generate leads, convert suspects to prospects, and most importantly: make Google love it.

The reality is that very few SA service providers specialise in this area. But I’m a freelancer focused on organic SEO copywriting services. This includes using Google Trust to create digital copy that drives website traffic, gets enquiries, and boosts profits. So contact me for webpages, banners, ads, mailers, or static website content.

Corporate Copy

Corporate copywriting must be strategic, focused and outcomes-based. Not pretty or creative for its own sake. Corporate copywriting services are, by and large, less about awards and more about generating client revenue.

I’ve been a freelance writer for 14 years. This means I can help you craft or polish content for brochures, flyers, company profiles, LinkedIn, and marketing material. Whatever your goal – inform, educate, persuade, sell, or build awareness – your words must work hard for you. Let me help you to achieve that.

Provider of copywriting services, Tiffany Markman

Social Media

Get your reader’s attention in 10 to 15 seconds. Or don’t bother. Welcome to the world of social media, where every word counts and the world is watching.

If you’re going to put your brand out there, get a professional writer (skilled in copywriting services for social media, specifically) to craft the good stuff for you. I can also teach your team how – and how not! – to use that social media content once you have it.

PR & Print

The traditional PR kit includes media releases, newsletters, boilerplates, and bios of key people. Newer PR deliverables also extend to elevator pitches, op eds and features. Then there’s thought leadership, which can be ghost-written for busy executives.

But let’s not forget the advertising side: ads, posters, banners, and billboards. As a copywriter with a strong PR background, I can – and love to – write it all.

Radio Ads

Radio is sexy. It’s the ‘theatre of the mind’. Still, it’s one of the toughest (and most satisfying) media to write for. Which is why I offer radio copywriting services for brand ads, commercials, promos, stings, sweeps, station imaging, or liners.

If you want to get your brand onto radio, or your existing content needs a refresh, let’s talk. (P.S. From time to time I also run creative diagnostic sessions with clients before the writing process. What’s more, I can come into studio afterwards, to direct the voice artists.)

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