Copywriting Services

Tiffany Markman (90 of 97)

For Tiffany Markman, well-written text (the ‘copy’ in copywriting) is about matching your company’s image with your target market and making a connection.

The words are the sales engine. Without them, your audience doesn’t know what to do.

Copywriting means more profits.

Tiffany believes that compelling, well-structured copywriting can help any company to make more money – by enhancing credibility, improving readability, attracting the right leads and keeping them interested long enough to act. In other words, spend.

Get a professional writer to do it.

So give Tiffany a call to find out how your business can benefit from web copy that drives real, qualified leads and that Google loves, marketing material and corporate profiles that mean business, business writing that you have confidence in and that builds credibility and more – like mailers, scripts, ads, intranet copy and internal communications.

A specialist in SEO copywriting

Tiffany is one of South Africa’s few freelance copywriters to specialise in website copywriting: using search engine optimisation (SEO) and Google Hummingbird rules to drive qualified website traffic, generate enquiries from the right leads and promote business.

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