Tiffany Markman is a book fiend who satisfies her urges via reading, reading, reading and book reviews.

Book review blog

Covering genres from crime fiction to non-fiction, reviewing authors both local and global, and writing reviews that are impressed or scathing, Tiffany’s blog is a reservoir of what discerning book lovers should be reading. (It’s also largely tongue-in-cheek.)

Web and radio

In addition to her blog, Tiffany reviews books for Books24, the literary arena of Women24, and the JoziKids Blog. And every so often she calls in to the BBC’s World Bookclub Show.

Local publishers

Tiffany reviews advance copies submitted by Penguin Books, PanMacmillan and Jonathan Ball. So if you’re a publishing house looking for book reviewing, please feel free to make contact.

Are you an author?

Tiffany sometimes reviews books independently, for authors or publicists. If you have a new title you’d like reviewed, email to discuss it and to arrange delivery.

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