10 things I know about freelancing (10/03/2012)

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Work from home. Coffee still on tap.

1. Most people are inherently nice. Trustworthy. Sensible. And intelligent. A very small percentage of the client population is made up of utter plonkers – but they do help to keep things interesting. Especially if you tweet about them.

2. I need variety to be happy. Working on the same client or account every day, five days a week, for several months, would make me bored. And homicidal. I’m only stimulated when I can work on three, four or ten different things in a week.

3. I hate meetings. Most meetings are a waste...

Is Trolley Abandonment Costing You?

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Because I’m a copywriter, and not a salesperson, I don’t usually include sales articles on this blog. But a large portion of the copy I write is sales copy – specifically, web copy that does some sort of a selling job – and I sell myself. So I agree totally with what Jacques de Villers proposes in the cleverly conceived piece below. Enjoy.

Is ‘Trolley Abandonment’ Costing Your Company Serious Money?

Any marketer worth her salt knows that lead conversion whips lead generation anytime.

So that’s why tracking generation-to-conversion is vital to see if your company is getting bang for its marketing...

6 ways to look less like a twit via email

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I’m sure you’ll agree that some of the things people do via e-mail makes them look deeply stupid. And I’m sure you’ll nod your head sagely when I say that people who attach little photos of kittens to their e-mails should be taken outside and beaten with a mallet (the people, not the kittens).

Not to mention those who forward the same silly chain mails you’ve seen every week, without fail, since you started using e-mail.

But there are a couple of things that you do – albeit occasionally – that are massively irritating to your readers. Not...

When you *think* clients are ignoring you

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My freelance business, in its current form, has been around for six years now. And for the first three of the six, I chased up on every quote I sent out. I e-mailed, called, sometimes even texted – because I felt I deserved some feedback. Or, at the very least, to know that the prospective client had decided not to go with my cost estimate, and why.

For the last three years, however, I’ve backed off. I send the quote through… and that’s that. If they want me to do the work, they’ll let me know. Eventually...

The copywriter’s real job isn’t writing.

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So there I was… Ignoring my pressing web copy deadline and fiddling about on Twitter. (Which is, I’ve realised, the exact opposite of minding your own business.) When I stumbled across a Multi-Re-Tweeted tweet on an article with the intro, ‘One of the worst mistakes copywriters make is to assume their job is about writing’. Sorry, what?

Needless to say, off I went to http://menwithpens.ca/, where I devoured Dean Rieck‘s piece – compellingly entitled, ‘WHY GOOD COPYWRITING GOES BAD: YOU’RE NOT STUPID. YOU’RE JUST IGNORANT.’ Here’s the intro:

“One of the worst mistakes copywriters make is to assume their job is about writing. It’s not...