Is my cell phone obsession making me less engaged as a mom?

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About 5 years ago I took my daughter to a park. She was unusually clean (it was 3pm on a Sunday), beautifully dressed and without her dummy. So it was a magnificent photo opportunity, of which I took iAdvantage. Milla on the slide. Milla on the horsie thing. Milla on the roundabout. The only problem was, while I was photographing her, I wasn’t playing with her. So it wasn’t the outing it could’ve been.

Then, we went to her playschool open day, and I made the decision to leave my phone in the nappy bag. Granted, I have...

When parenting takes the Oh! out of romance

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I almost said No. Write an article on ‘how to keep romance alive with kids around’? Me? Oy. I asked my husband (vaguely hoping he’d agree to write the article), and he had no idea. But, with the topic incubating in my head in the intervening week, I had a revelation, which I’ll share with you.

First, some background. My husband and I met on a blind date. It lasted five hours and he told me, during that date, that he was going to marry me. We knew within three months that he was right, and we...

22 nuggets of wisdom. No chicken livers.

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There’s nothing I hate more than Trends pieces at year-end. Except chicken livers. I hate chicken livers. But in the absence of chicken livers to ruin my mojo and because I wasn’t prepared to default to a Trends piece as my final 2015 contribution to Freelancentral, I decided to offer you real value: nuggets of tried-and-tested wisdom from experienced freelancers who are masterfully navigating the tides of solo work.

I’ve grouped the 22 nuggets into four categories: Business-ness (yes, I’m aware this isn’t a real word, but it should be), Cashflow & Admin, Marketing and Good Habits.

  1. Business-ness:
  • Stop...

What it means (to me) to be South African

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South Africa. It’s a part of you.


Hoo boy, this topic is a toughie. I dithered and contemplated. Internally debated and outwardly frowned. How do you sum up something that’s part of your heart and your heartbreak? I figured a list would work. And I stopped when I got to 20 items.

Happy Heritage Day, South Africans.

To me, being South African means…

  1. Cursing the Sandton traffic and praising the neon sunset, in the same breath
  2. Having no interest in any sport, unless one of our national teams is playing
  3. Outdoor washing lines
  4. Admiring my nation, while disparaging my government
  5. Drinking Joburg water
  6. A constitution...

A ‘perfect’ mom? Not me. I’m just a ‘good’ mom. (13/06/2013)

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If we’re being honest…

I’m an imperfect mom. How do I know this? Well, I’ve never:

  1. Given sweets and a self-effacing note to fellow plane travellers in case my kid screams all the way to our destination
  2. Sent her to school with a note in her lunchbox or a sandwich cut in the shape of the Gruffalo, complete with prickles
  3. Made a birthday cake by hand, myself, complete with little fondant replicas of all of the characters in Toy Story (1, 2 and 3)
  4. Consumed (all or some of) my placenta, in any form whatsoever
  5. Used a re-usable nappy
  6. Encouraged co-sleeping
  7. Remembered to...