To freebie or not to freebie?

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There’s nothing that gets my back up quite as much as being asked to provide free writing or editing work in exchange for exposure. (Except being asked to provide free work in return for the promise of future work or as a ‘thank you’ for past work.)

And lately, the request for freebies is coming more and more often. So a couple of my colleagues and I spent time debating the issue and why we feel strongly about it.

Here are some of the reasons behind flat-out Nos:

It’s the principle.

‘Why are freelancers not treated like any other professional? My sense...

The 6 Clients Who Pay Their Freelancers Late

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A business without cash flow can’t pay its bills. It can’t acquire stock, update, upgrade or even settle monthly salary commitments. In precisely the same way, albeit on a smaller scale, a freelancer who’s encountering late payment can’t go to Woolies to fill up a trolley. Can’t put petrol in the car. Can’t operate.

And yet, clients routinely pay their freelancers late.

This enrages me because there’s an implication that freelancers can wait; that our comparatively meager invoices are less important and less urgent. And what do I do when I’m enraged? I write a bitchy post,...

A pinch, a punch or business as usual?

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Are freelance creatives feeling or starting to feel the pinch of recession, and if you are, is there anything you can do about it?
A few weeks ago I asked whether my fellow freelance creatives were feeling, if at all, the sinister pinch of an impending recession. Here, collated, is a sample of data* and responses – as well as some advice at the end.

Yes. (11 ‘Yes’ responses)

“There’s been a 50% fall in my revenue, caused by budget cuts on client-side and a drift towards amateur services. In the case of copywriting, someone in the office...

What to do when everything’s always urgent

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If I had $1 for every time a client – prospective, new or regular – called or emailed me and said, “Ha ha [insert sheepish laugh], unfortunately this little job is quite urgent, ha ha, but it won’t take you long, ha ha…” I’d retire.

But, as a freelancer, no-one gives me money for jam. Which is a pity. And so I must feed my ranting urge with a blog post, rather than with multiple $1 notes.

Luckily for you, I believe in sharing the rage via tongue-in-cheek tips. So, here are 6 ways to handle it...

22 nuggets of wisdom. No chicken livers.

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There’s nothing I hate more than Trends pieces at year-end. Except chicken livers. I hate chicken livers. But in the absence of chicken livers to ruin my mojo and because I wasn’t prepared to default to a Trends piece as my final 2015 contribution to Freelancentral, I decided to offer you real value: nuggets of tried-and-tested wisdom from experienced freelancers who are masterfully navigating the tides of solo work.

I’ve grouped the 22 nuggets into four categories: Business-ness (yes, I’m aware this isn’t a real word, but it should be), Cashflow & Admin, Marketing and Good Habits.

  1. Business-ness:
  • Stop...