A lesson for content marketers:

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A tire company has the world’s best restaurant guide. Seriously.

One of the most effective rules of content marketing, at least for me, is telling interesting stories that have only a tangential connection (or even nothing to do with) your product or service. As long as they’re relevant and useful, they’re golden.

This is the epitome of reader-focused copy, but it’s also a helpful credo when you’ve written 50 similar blog posts and then run out of relevant ideas.

Want a great example? Go back 117 years, to famous tire company Michelin, which proved – even before content marketing...

Why I don’t hope you are well

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It’s an epidemic.

These days every email, regardless of content, context or source, is prefaced with the stale opener, ‘I hope you are well’ (or its more patronising spinster cousin, ‘Trust this email finds you well*.’)

But does the sender really hope I’m well? Is he or she genuinely concerned with the state of my health – physical, mental or otherwise? Probably not. And yet…there it is.

Why do we do it?

Because we’re reluctant to dive into our message. It feels abrupt; rude even, and so we experience a measure of professional guilt if we don’t top and tail our business...