A Q&A about freelancers and social media (02/07/2012)

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By Tiffany Markman & Jo Duxbury (of freelancecentral.co.za)

You’d think the relationship between freelancers and social media would be all hearts, flowers and expensive choccies. But it isn’t. It’s often love-hate, sometimes like-fear and sometimes hate-hate. So, which social media channels work best, why, how and to what extent? Don’t worry; we’ll tell you. What follows is a Q&A ménage-à-trois: Tiffany Markman, Jo Duxbury and you. Enjoy. And please pass the choccies.

Freelancers: How do you use social media? Are you a blunt broadcaster or a cautious conversationalist?

1. To what extent does social media generate actual money for...

Which Type of Freelancer Are You? (30/07/2012)

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Let me kick off by saying: I’m a little bit of all of the below. But, if I have to choose three, I’d say a combo of maven, misfit and MPD. At the bottom of this article I explain why. But for now, if you’re in the mood for something a little different, have a look at each stereotype below – please keep tongue in cheek – and then decide:

1. Which one (or three) you are

2. Who you know who fits each mould (keep this one to yourself)

3. If I’ve left any out – tell me!


What does ‘reading’ mean in the e-age? (30/05/2012)

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‘What’re you doing?’ I ask.

‘Reading,’ he answers.

But, is he? He has his iPad in his hands and, if I know him, his ‘reading’ is a combo of exploring tech reviews, researching gadgets, browsing images of beautiful machines, watching TEDtalks and yes, possibly reading. Using the Kindle app.

We both still read ‘real’ books – me more than he. As a writer, real books are an occupational hazard for me. But the definition of reading has changed in our home.

As far as our one-year-old is concerned, ‘reading’ is what happens when we sit side by side with...

Why copywriting is like reality TV (27/01/2012)

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I say ‘reality TV’.

You think of several good-looking people eating earthworms for money, a family of motorbike manufacturers fighting with each other, a chubby guy baking multi-storey cakes, or a nice family with several adopted kids getting a beautiful new house.

Whatever your impression of reality television – and whether you like it or hate it – have you ever considered how much like copywriting it is? No? Well, I have.

And here’s why…


1. Structure is really important

There’s a lovely family with five kids. Two are adopted. Mom’s a neighbourhood saint. Dad’s a firefighter. And their two-bedroomed...

‘I don’t do discounts.’ And other stories. (27/01/2012)

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Yikes. It’s back. We thought we’d got off reasonably scot-free, but the ‘second’ recession (the one they’re calling the ‘double-dip’) is here. And it’s being used as an excuse, far and wide, for customers and clients to request discounts for the same work you’ve been doing brilliantly all this time. This holds about as much water as an old garden bucket. Here’s the answer.


Take stock

Is the current economic climate killing you? Are you battling right now, and desperate to quote on, and get, every job that comes your way? If so, ‘giving in’ to the...