Boston Media House to use Tiffany’s material

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As a former lecturer at Boston Business College Randburg (1999), on the topics of business English, journalism, PR and customer service, I was super-chuffed today when the HOD of Media Skills at Boston Media House requested permission to use my Bizcommunity articles as teaching resources. She says they’re ‘clever, funny and so very helpful’ (my articles – tho’ I’m pretty sure the students are too…). Fantastic. I may also guest lecture at BMH sometime in the future – one of my most favourite things to do: talk about freelancing – so watch this space.


‘The Stable Door’ goes live on FLC today

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My new guest column, ‘The Stable Door’, went live on Freelancentral today, with its inaugural piece entitled (clumsily, but there’s no other way to put it), ‘Clients to be wary of’. The piece introduces four types of clients:

  • The Boss (the client who thinks he’s your boss),
  • The Uninformed (the client who has no idea what you actually do),
  • The Briefless (the client who has no idea what he wants) and
  • The Buddy (the client who wants to be your friend).

If any of these sound like clients you’ve had, have a read. And let me know what you think.


Tiffany’s training recommended by Bizcom

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The new and improved menu of training courses and workshops that I put together for 2010 has been recommended by, in its article entitled, ‘Writing skills get business going‘. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Seasoned freelancer and regular Bizcommunity contributor Tiffany Markman has launched a revised training menu of writing, editing and business workshops. Specialising in disseminating skills and practising techniques that can be used immediately in the workplace, the 12 different workshops are hands-on, witty and focused on producing real results for attendees…

There are several delighted students going through the coaching programme currently, as well as corporate...


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Reseller News, a magazine published exclusively for the retail industry, re-printed an article I initially wrote for, entitled ‘Talking to your target market: 9 industry trends for 2009′.

A GUEST POST FOR TIFFANY Robert Bravery / The Brave Programmer, of Integral Web Solutions, used my Bizcomm column, ‘Does your web copy work?’, on his blog as a guest piece. Check it out.


Top glossy business mag, Destiny, recently used my ‘5 Top Tips for E-mail’ in their May issue. Yay. I can’t remember what page it’s on, but buy...