Copy, training, and some great experiences

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You know you can come to us for all your corporate copy needs, right? But did you know about our training services? Tiffany Markman offers a broad range of writing and editing training for anything from one-on-one coaching to medium-to-large groups at your premises.

Here’s some of the delegate feedback she’s received from recent training sessions:


  • “The course was great; it met all my expectations and more. Tiffany is a very good co-ordinator and facilitator.”
  • “I like how Tiffany asked each person what they wanted to learn at the beginning of the session, and then checked at the end...

Three very cool things have…

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…happened to me lately. (Aside from having a baby.)

Here they are:

1. I’ve been asked (and have accepted and am excited about) being one of the judges of the Intel Visibly_Smart competition, where, to quote the website, technology and beauty are integrated and ‘techno-beauties’ are invited to express themselves by uploading their ‘art’ – images, photos, poetry, copy, clips or illustrations – to be judged as worthy of some seriously amazing prizes. Like monthly makeovers (I’d like one, please, but I’m exempt) or a trip to Fashion Week, as a VIP. Um, delicious or what?

2. I’ve...

Recent appearances and presentations

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There’ve been two biggies lately: the Social Media and PR Summit in October 2010 and the Heavy Chefs Johannesburg session in November 2010. My content for both was pretty similar: ‘How to write for engagement with social media audiences’.

In short, I looked at keeping messages short and tight, producing content of real measurable value, hitting the appropriate tone and taking all the time there is available to proof, proof and proof. A more detailed content overview is available on the Facebook page for Tiffany Markman Copywriting, Editing & Corporate Training, but you can also feel free to check out...

Writing for social media: tools, tricks, tips

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So I spent this morning at the Social Media & PR Summit hosted by AMC Conferences at the Southern Sun OR Tambo, and spoke about writing for social media. More specifically, I covered keeping it short and tight, adding value, getting the tone right and handling the critical checking afterwards. I’m planning to write my presentation into an article for Bizcommunity, in due course… But, to whet your appetite, here’s a small taste:

How to proofread short social media copy ... backwards

“Social media writing is, by definition, conversational. And no-one likes a long, comprehensive, one-sided conversation. (Except...

Elected to Safrea Exco and Training Portfolio

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So, this is a bit belated, but there you go. (The World Cup got in the way. Blame Fifa.) I’m chuffed not only to be a Gauteng representative on the Executive Committee of the Southern African Freelancers’ Association (Safrea), but also to be heading up the organisation’s Training and Mentoring portfolio (such as it currently is, she interjects self-deprecatingly). As such, I’m one of the regular faces you’ll see at our monthly get-togethers in Rosebank, and a sometime speaker on freelancing and related challenges. That’s all. Thank you. The End.