A language question: practise or practice?

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Dear Tiffany…

Dear Tiffany,

I would appreciate it if you could settle a dispute I am having with my colleagues, over the use of ‘practice’ as a noun and ‘practise’ as a verb.

To give you two examples: “With maintaining a routine of daily practice…” and: “ I would recommend regular practice…”

I am saying that both of these are correct, because ‘practice’ is being used as a noun. However, my colleagues do not agree, saying it should be ‘practise’, as this is something that should be done, and is therefore a verb. Which is the correct form?

– Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,

You are...

Why you need rock-solid copy more than paid search

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A couple of years ago, I wrote crap.

Truth. My professional life was largely dominated by creating web copy that I really, really disliked, but that got the job done really, really well. It was peppered with synonyms, keywords, and cautious-but-very-deliberate repetition.

It wasn’t link-bait, but it wasn’t beautiful.

If I’m honest, the crap copy was fun to create, because I was writing puzzles – using my right brain to generate original content that relied on my left brain to be strategic enough to rank highly. But I was aware that, in the grand scheme, it sucked.

Then Google...

Why does he talk like that? Seven language ‘lessons’ from The Donald

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Donald Trump, the uninvited guest at the 2016 election, has taken everything we thought we knew about running in a presidential campaign and turned it on its head. But for me as a copywriter, one of the most interesting things about The Donald isn’t his fluffy hair, his tiny fingers or his orange visage – it’s the way he speaks*.

If you listen and watch closely, you’ll hear and see explosive noun phrases, self-interruptions, departures from the theme, flashes of memory, odd side remarks; in a nutshell, the disordered language of a person with...

How much of copywriting is writing?

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Contrary to what you might believe, not even half of the copywriting job is the actual writing. If I were forced to apply a ratio, I’d say only 40% of creating copy is actually putting words onto a page. The magic bullet that differentiates the successful copywriters from the less successful ones is the other 60%.

So if you’ve ever interviewed a copywriter, employed a copywriter, worked alongside a copywriter, or wanted to be a copywriter, you should know that:

1. Copywriting is problem solving

Long before the words start flowing, the copywriter is thinking about, and trying...

Book review: Recognising Postnatal Depression: A Handbook for Mothers

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As I began to page through this book, just the first few chapters, I kept having to stop and verbalise out loud how much I wish we’d had a copy when I started to experience symptoms of PND.

But, even in the early days, I was too far gone to read it myself. That’s why I think this book should be required reading for any husband who suspects that his wife isn’t 100%. Or any granny, friend, sister…

As the authors say, upfront:

“This book may not be for you but you may want to read it anyway...