About Tiffany

Tiffany BW (33 of 86)Who is Tiffany?

A loud, proud word nerd and strong proponent of correctly placed apostrophes, Tiffany Markman is a copywriter, editor, proof-reader and writing skills trainer.

She is also a five-time published author on life skills, career guidance, emotional intelligence, social services and democracy for young people.

Tiffany’s status

As of October 2008, Tiffany Markman has a Level Four EME certification from EMPOWERDEX, with 100% BEE procurement recognition, which means that all clients count every cent of what they pay Tiffany towards their own BEE ranking and scorecard.

Tiffany’s opinions

Tiffany’s highly opinionated. She writes a newsletter and regular columns and op ed pieces for leading marketing, media and communications platforms – including www.bizcommunity.com, www.marketingweb.com and www.freelancecentral.co.za.

Tiffany’s reviews

When she’s not writing, editing or teaching, Tiffany Markman can be found reading in a corner. Her book reviews, ranging from scathing to thrilled, appear on her book review blog – bookreviewsbytiffany.blogspot.com – as well as on www.zaparents.com, Books24 and BBC World Bookclub.

For info on Tiffany’s reviewing, or to request that she consider your book, please visit the Book Reviews page.

Talk nerdy to me.

It’s the language I understand.

Her qualifications

• BA Honours, Politics (Cum Laude) – Rand Afrikaans University / University of Johannesburg
• BA Journ/Politics (Cum Laude) – Rand Afrikaans University / University of Johannesburg
• Basic Principles of PR (Cum Laude) – Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA)

and some littlies:

• Daniel Janks ‘PowerPoint Design’ – Microsoft 2007 (2012)
• Front Foot ‘Advanced PowerPoint’ – Microsoft 2007 (2008)
• Funda Njalo Training ‘Iscamto isiZulu for Beginners’ (2008)
• Options in Training ‘Advanced Microsoft Word for Editors’ (2007)
• Jacques de Villiers Johannesburg ‘Write Killer Web Copy’ (2005)
• Terry Raats ‘Brainstorming & Copywriting’ (2005)
• Patricia Pichulik ‘The Power of the Press Release’ (2005)
• Trish Murphy ‘Introduction to News Editing’ (2004)
• Alliance Française de Johannesbourg Certificat au Niveau du 3 Degré (1999)
• Alliance Française de Johannesbourg Certificat au Niveau du 4 Degré (1999)

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