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* Fine. Best freelance copywriter in SA.

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Testimonials for freelance copywriter, Tiffany Markman

“Tiffany, you are more than a word-smith. You bring meaning to dull concepts and feeling to flat messages. You rock! There is NO freelance copywriter like you. And you can quote me on that.”

Grace HardingOcean Basket

“The quality of Tiffany Markman’s training is exceptional, consistent and empowering. It builds writer confidence, exposes you to the latest writing techniques and gives valuable insight into your own ability. Tiffany is a leading writer and trainer.”

Claire NormanAbsa

“Before hiring Tiffany, I was concerned about the quality of the work I’d receive from a freelance copywriter. But I was pleasantly surprised. Tiffany’s efficient, professional and sticks to deadlines, and her work always meets my expectations.”

Gerald NdlovuBlack Suppliers

“In our collaboration on training for multi-national corporations, I have found Tiffany Markman to be professional, knowledgeable, and highly effective. She is passionate about proper language principles.”

Peter BlumFox Strategic Communications

“Tiffany Markman is my go-to freelance copywriter and editor when I need my children’s books edited. She is exceptionally good at what she does, and I enjoy being challenged by her.”

Alan GlassBeautiful Creatures