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* Fine. Best copywriter in SA, 2020.

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Freelance Copywriter of the Year 2020 - The Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards

Testimonials for freelance copywriter, Tiffany Markman

With Tiffany you get speedy responses, follow-through on her word, and willingness to help you please the customer. One of our biggest challenges is that writers often don’t get to meet clients, so the broken telephone effect is a real concern. Working with Tiffany, we've never had an issue with this! She’s professional, reliable, and has the experience to help make the project easier for us!

Rhodes TannerSnippetVideo

The quality of Tiffany Markman’s training is exceptional, consistent and empowering. It builds writer confidence, exposes you to the latest writing techniques and gives valuable insight into your own ability. Tiffany is a leading writer and trainer.

Claire NormanAbsa

If you need a writer of superior calibre, someone to teach your staff business writing skills, or someone to write your website or position your company, you need Tiffany Markman. The best part of working with Tiffany is her directness and honesty, constructive opinion and feedback. So refreshing and an unmistakable part of her brand.

Nicole WillsNicole Wills & Associates

Tiffany Markman is a professional who will tell it like it is.

Matt JankelowVentureWeb

You have to work with Tiffany. She's never misses a deadline and gives you what you want first time round. We were concerned that an external writer wouldn’t be able to understand the business properly, but Tiffany gets it. She is able to simplify the complex, and she really captures the tone and messaging perfectly...

Nicola FennAdcorp

Tiffany Markman is meticulous, precise and efficient.

Ferna ClarksonWits University

Tiffany Markman is the best copywriter I have worked with. She will make the effort to get to know your business and the environment in which you operate, to deliver a relevant, quality service. I find her an effective, efficient, valued partner. She’s never let me down.

Renee SchonbornLittle Black Book PR

Tiffany Markman is great at hearing your needs and then making them come alive – in your particular voice, but while maintaining a professional style.

Judy DitchfieldPerformance Role Play Training

Tiffany’s engagement was great. She gives great service and is very professional.

Timmida AdamsPrivate client, UK

Before we worked with Tiffany, we were concerned about a copywriter being able to understand the world of financial services and to find the correct tone. In the end, there was nothing to worry about. We appreciate Tiffany’s ability to produce a first draft which rarely requires big changes. She is fast, professional and will surprise you with her 'out of the box' thinking.

Bruce NortjeIntegrisure

It is amazing that Tiffany understands not only the BlueBlox brand, but also me behind the brand. That when we work together there is a synergy instead of an instruction-execution relationship. Tiffany gets in your head and turns half-developed ideas into literary masterpieces. She takes hard concepts and simplifies them for your audience. Once you work with her, you will never need another copywriter.

Dorothy DiedericksBlueBlox GmbH

I have seen GREAT results from Tiffany's work. Four new clients enrolled in April 2020 thanks to the LinkedIn ad and InMail she wrote for me! Since Day 1, I noticed that leads were better qualified... and I gained a lot of time! And from the newsletter she created, one new client so far. I love working with Tiffany at a human level, but it is just amazing how the results come...

Dorothee, performance coach, Madrid